Sunday, July 17, 2011

Puyallup Scrapbook Expo

Awe, So much fun and so little money.  I tried to be on a budget with the Scrapbook Expo.  I was very careful not to get carried away on the $1 stuff.  That stuff adds up.   And how often do you get to use it. Usually it just adds to the Craft clutter.   We were able to see everything in one day.  We didn't do any of the classes, really didn't see any thing new as far as what they were teaching, but to a new Scrap-booker they were great classes.  My one favorite find was the "elizabeth craft" Peal off stickers.  It's like a whole new way to emboss with out heating powder.  I will be showing some of what I did after I got home and the 1 make & take card that I did. Oh and for bringing my post card in I got a great door prize and $2 off it was awesome.

My phone is updating now with new software.  so downloading the picture is taking longer then reasonable.  I'm on my way to the farmers market, I'll add it when I come back.   I'm back.

The card below was my Make & Take at the "Stampn' Up!" booth.  Too cool !  ok so I messed up a little bit on the top but it is a protégé.  

This next one is I'm adding is using the stickers I bought and some "Copic" markers I have.  Oh and I also used "Stickles" glitter.  I like that stuff.

I just love these stickers and you don't even need a heat gun for these.  Big Pudding Smile!
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