Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wild Waves.

Every Year we have a family Picnic at Wild waves provided by work.  So this year I'm taking my BF Dan and I have one more entrance ticket and no takers.  what a bummer.  Guess I'll look at the park for someone who might want it.

Or I'll post it on line for the work people. My son changed his mind and doesn't want to go.

This always starts my Vacation off with a bang!  Two whole weeks of vacation and day trips. bummer my Bf could n't get the full time off.  He got 4 days.   I have a Dr/s apt which I am going to move to a different day and then we are planning a trip to the Peninsula  That should be fun.

I am going to take lots' of pictures.  I love taking pictures. :)
Here we are at ocean shores.  We went for the day.   We had an awesome time. :)  I love the waves!

It turned out to be an awesome sunny day too.
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