Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vacationing With Dan

We had a wonderful 2 weeks off.  We went up to Point no Point to the lighthouse there, its not normally open during the week, but my friend Meagan who works in the Admin office opened it up for a private tour for Dan and myself.  It was wonderful.

We had an awesome Time, Thank you Meagan.  You are awesome.!  Then we went to Poulsbo and looked at all the antique shops I bought a new cookie cutter of a Cat.  :) great for cutting sugar cookies.  which I'm going to make a batch for cutting cookies tomorrow.  Yea!!!

One of the days we went to the ocean at ocean shores for the day.   We saw some seals out by the jetty.  It was an awesome day.

I packed us a lunch so we had lunch by the museum on the n shore.  I like it  there, because they have bird feeders and the birds are so pretty.  ;)

 This Seagull was checking Dan out.... He's such a Hottie.  Dan I mean, not the seagull.  ha ha

Dan was always trying to steel kisses from me, but I let him....  He's awesome.

Then we went down to the beach again and sat on the beach and took pictures of the waves rolling in we saw  a few pelicans fly in.  It was awesome.
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