Thursday, September 5, 2013

Multi-Media Art

What is it??
It’s using Different types of Mediums, i.e. Acrylic paints, Gelotos (water color crayons), Markers, Modge Podge, Jesso, bling, water, baby wipes, etc., and media, i.e. variety of papers,  chipboard, charms, letters, etc..., to create on a page for a Journal or canvas or even a scrapbook.   Then adding a special quote to inspire one to be positive. 

How is it created??
First you will want to jesso your page or not depending on your feeling, and you may even want to leave some texture behind.  Take it one color, one medium at a time and cover the canvas, sometimes I use modge podge and get all my scraps off the table and fill the page with them and other times, I just Create a picture.  It’s all in how you feel that day...  Be Spontaneous!!

 How do you get the medium to the paper??
You can use brushes, sponges, Baby wipes, your fingers, Stencils, cloth,  gelli pads, and more.

Different materials can be added too!!
Add Material, designer paper, chipboard.  Actually, any material that would make your design yours.

Background is Key!
You want a creative background.  I sometimes take my paint and add it to the paper at the top and let it drip down, other times I take a brush and dab it to the page and then swirl it around with baby wipes.  There are no mistakes in painting. Make it your own. 

Foreground is Unique!
Make it your own.  I add washy tape, stamped images, buttons, material, newspaper, pages out of old books, music, pages out of dictionaries, jewelry, Go hog wild.!!!

No Creation can be a Mistake, and what we view as a mistake is just apart of the creation!!

Add positive Messages!!

Each Design is your own, be creative and you will never go wrong, let it flow, look past the negative and find the positive and your creation will always be great!!!

Will be Demonstrating at the Washington State Fair
Saturday, September 7, 2013 4:30p - 6:30p  and
Sunday September 22, 7pm - 9pm 

After that:
For group Classes and prices
Love to teach kids too.

Mary Kay Lyons-McDonnell
(253) 471-9260

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Deco Arts application entered.

Today i applied for the Deco Arts Blogger because all of the paint I use is with Deco Arts and I've found that they have a lot of ideas on their page and also I love their colors so vibrant and ready to use.

Here are some examples.: of color