Monday, February 16, 2015

A whole month later.  ha ha, I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's day!  I created up a storm. Let's see what I have to share with you.
 So this is a mountain scene I did.  and down below are the Valentine's cards I created.
 No I loved this photograph and decided to paint it.  Beautiful!~
Me My Grand baby and Dan-
Some tags I received in the mail, I am apart of a group and we did an exchange.
 Happy Mail I received.  Anther challenge where I participated.
 A journaling class I did with Kathi Pressley.  This is the 2nd class, she did extremely well.
 My page. :D
 A swap I received for the tag Swap.

 Another  happy mail swap (coffee was the theme.
 Kathi and I.
 This was our first Journaling class.  Kathi's page.
 My page.
 My valentine's day tags, I sent off for my challenge.
 My first Acrylic painting student.  Ava-Jo. She's 6.  Great Job Ava-Jo!