Monday, April 25, 2016

I just signed up for free layout class with Becky Fleck is offering a really cool giveaway for Sizzix.  Check it out, I did! and I love it!!

Sizzix $2500 (5 Winner) Ultimate Giveaway

Sizzix $2500 (5 Winner) Ultimate Giveaway
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Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy April Fool's Day!!

I posted on April Fool's Day - No Joke.

Me and my Dan!

Pocket letters The new Art!

I've always loved snowmen. And when it snows here in Washington, I am first to run outside and build one. So this is the theme I have chosen for this pocket letter.

I never sent this pocket letter to anyone, because everyone is ready for spring.  :D
Ok, Looks like I have been away from my blog far too long.  I have been trying to straiten up my household, spring clean so-to-speak...  and downsizing.  I have relocated my beloved family refurbished and repaired piano to a good friend of mine's home.  No names mentioned on behalf of confidentiality of my friend.  She is definitely making good use of my piano and it is most happy at its new home.

Here are some pictures of it being repaired.  As you can see, there are six keys that needed to be repaired and 3 ivories that needed replacing.  The Piano is 130 years old.  It has its own tone but still works well.

The First Repair man I called said it would be $250., plus the cost of labor and parts.  So I called another place.

 The second Piano Repair place I called said at first that it was too old disassemble it and trash it.  Imagine my disappointment....But then he changed his turn and quoted me $270.00 + and parts and labor.

They say third time is a charm.  So I called Massy Piano Repair of Puyallup (253) 848-0734.  I spoke with Neil, owner, operator.  I explained the situation to him ... and the first words out of his mouth were, "each replacement of the keys would be about $5 or $6 dollars."  I thought I like the sound of that.  His quoted price was $130 and that included tuning.  I was astonished!! 

And when he came to repair it we looked up the name of the piano and found out that it was 130 years old.  $1 per year.  What a price.  I enjoyed talking with him, and watching him as he repaired each key and replaced the ivories (now plastic).
He said Piano's should be tuned once a year and I asked him if he tuned my sister's, he said he wasn't sure.  But a few weeks later while visiting my sister, I told her about repairing the piano.  She said she was the one who broke it.  She got mad at my brother for yelling at her when she was playing it and slammed her fist onto the keys.  But she got a call from Mr Massy to get her piano tuned.  

My friend didn't pick up the piano for several weeks so I was able to take advantage of playing it and making up silly songs, because I only took one year of piano lessons and they said I was't learning the notes.  I got bored with their teaching and went onto something more fun.

All repaired with new keys and everything.  Get your piano's tuned at Massy Piano Repair of Puyallup (253) 848-0734.

And if you want or need a piano, a lot of people are just giving them away.  Check out craigslist, today I saw two piano's, and 2 organs and a keyboard and they are free.

My friend needed a mover so I called around for that and found The Piano Organ and Moving Company at 253-752-0316, and I spoke with Mike.  He was really neat and said he generally has a lot of referrals through Massy.  So I was confident in this company and my friend ended up using them to move the piano.  And she was pleased as well.