Clutter and how can we control it.

Do you have a room that Looks like this:

What a negative sight... That's my scrapbook room if you look at the top I am painting.  Can you imagine...


Lets see I have a positive thought to get me going....

Get off the computer and do something... wait that wasn't the positive one, but a good one and a great first step.    I found this saying on my calendar at work. You know the kind the one that gives you great advise and great positive input....  I thought this would be a great way to de-clutter this room...

Start by doing what's 
then do what's
and suddenly 
you are doing

by St. Francis of Assisi

Huh!  What a concept.  So this morning I started my blog again... tee hee...; then I started doing my silverware dishes; and now I have a load of laundry in; next I'm going to dye my hair, oh yes it needs it... It seems I'm showing my age... not the one I act the one I am... So back to doing what's necessary and I will show you the next pictures.  

Oh and definitely make a list of your accomplishments,so you can pat yourself on the back; then you can use that same list as a daily list to keep things up.  I have to stop for a break right now.  "It's a "NECESSARY" break... get it.?.. back to de-cluttering the "NECESSARY" way.  Cya.

I forgot one major aspect of this "necessary". Try not to overwhelm yourself...  Start with one room at a time.  If you need to make a list for that room and once you get one room complete it will surely take a load off your mind.   And if you are still having trouble getting started turn on the "Hoarders" OnDemand while you are working.  That will motivate anybody..... LOL  Or put your music on that's a great motivator.  Lets' see what we can accomplish.  Show me your rooms before and after  and we will celebrate!!! :)

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