Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The wedding was awesome.  My brothers's and sisters came together and whipped everything into shape. They decorated the hall, added all my design and everything came together perfectly.

Jon, (my son) Becky, (my sister),  Mary Kay, (me) Dan (my FiancĂ©'), Kelly (Dan's brother).
The wedding party.

The dress was made by my sister in law Nita, and my bouquet I made the morning of with my hydrangeas that just happened to bloom the right color for the occasion and with a dash of lavender and some new hydrangea buds unopened.  The perfect Blend.

The Wedding cupcake idea was great.  We had some awesome punch decanter's one with cucumber and mint and the other with lemonade.  Yummy lemonade too.  Compliments to my sister Stacy on the lemonade and compliments to andrew on the mint/cucumber water.

 The Expectant Groom and the Minister awaiting my arrival.  

The Bride being escorted by Jon, (her son) to the Alter for the vows. Awe what a wonderful event.
She now pronounced us Husband and wife!!

Coming into the building after the ceremony.

The toast. oh that was sweet.

Off we go to the Honeymoon Sweet.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7, 2012

Wow things are really coming together for my wedding.  My sister in Law made my dress.  My brother Larry suggested I have Jon walk me down the Isle.  Which I accepted and promptly asked Jon to do that He said of course.  I finalized my invitations and all the favors and bird seed and bubbles, have all the decorations for the tables.  I just have to get some flowers for the wedding.  The hall is paid for we picked up our Wedding License yesterday.  I get my hair done on Thursday.