Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear Me

Here's is my Dare " Dear Me:"

Mary Kay Stockwell

 a little girl with shiny black curly hair.
Her Mom’s first Girl,
and her Daddy’s pride and Joy.

Every year she grows tall, 
every year her hair grows long.
She was a Princess 
with all her brother’s to love her.

Mary Kay is her mother’s oldest daughter.  
She learns how to laugh her mother’s laugh.
She is Kind and considerate,
loving and caring.
She learns baking and cooking, 
cleaning and dusting.

Mary Kay follows her daddy 
learning about plants
and how they grow...

Mary Mary Quite contrary,
how does your garden Grow, 
with Cockle Shells, and silver bells
and three little maidens in a row...

My father carries me on his shoulders so proud.  
We go fishing and play baseball at our family picnics.
I love nature and catch frogs, snakes and follow shrews..

I learn to draw and create beautiful paintings and drawings.

I Love daffodils so yellow and bright and love picking them
in a secret sight.

I grow into a loving young woman and blessed with a son, 
Jonathan Lyons, a little boy with curly blond hair.

I grow and grow and I find my true love.
The man of my dreams, so attentive so loving,
he brings out the best in me and supports me who I am.
I am happy and I feel complete as 

Mary Kay McDonnell