Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 6 - Organization. My Husbands Space and My Space... no Pun intended

This week I have a Stampn' Up! workshop, that's where a demonstrator comes and shows some of my friends how to make cards and such using rubber-stamps.

I really have to clean and organize mine and my husband's spaces so that I can fit a table in my living room.  I have shown my space in the past but neglected to show my husband's space.  So I found a before picture of his space below.

You can see his space with a computer 2 laptops and lots of stuff...  well this was taken during Christmas so that's why the tree is there. smile.

Now here is the after picture of his space down below:
 This definitely looks so much nicer less cluttered and more living space

My space before picture looks like this.

and my almost done after photo looks like this.
 I still have some vacuuming to do and a little more tidying which I plan to tackle tomorrow.

Dan had to work on Saturday so he couldn't help much until he got home, but he did help take out the recycling and On Sunday he loaded 2 boxes and a bag into the car for me so I could take it to Value Village On Sunday.  This is the work that I got done on Sunday.

I still have some other rooms to tackle.  Oh and under the Piano.
oh and the corner next to the desk.

And the Dusting. Arg.  Well, I will show you those tomorrow.

And on top of all this, I've  been sick for 5 days with ear aches, sinus drainage, sore throat and coughing.  Good thing for productive coughs gets the junk out and the dusting should help too. LOL

I was also thinking a blot is like a Smash book it's just viral....  Ha Ha laughing at myself now showing my blog and my messy house to everyone.  Now I have to clean and organize.  Incentive.  Be excited because I will have it all ready to go by Tuesday at 12:pm YAY!!  Gonna clean a little before bed.