Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Birthday was June 19, and I turned 35 I always find a lower # with my real age because I do not feel 53.  So since my birthday was on transpose thursday, I transposed.

My wonderful husband acquired us a room at Ocean Shores. for 2 nights and I bought us a third night we took our little tinker-bell with us.  She's my little Liniated parakeet.  She's so sweet. She loves apple and cut up veggies and can say Baby Bird, Alright, Pretty, and she whistles at me and I say thank  you and she says thank you.

She had an awesome time at the beach and so did Dan and I.  

I painted this on my travels.

The seagulls were yelling at me, they said they didn't look like that.  And Dan picked out the one who is my Mom's spirit.

Dan said, "hey honey, there's your Mom."  He always teases me and I love him for it.
We had ice cream and we went deer watching. and we even took Tinker-bell to the Sanctuary where they have bird feeders so she could watch the birds.  She loved that.

The sanctuary. (below)

Tinker-bell at the Bird sanctuary

The Deer,  We said Hi Momma and she came right up to the car it was awesome.

Lot's of Fawns being born at Ocean shores.

We went to Chinese one night for dinner it was great.

Even the beach (below) was happy we were there.  I actually was looking down for rocks and this was looking up at me.  i couldnt resist a picture.

Cute couple.

I just love the crashing of the waves.

Pregnant deer.  

All in all we had a wonderful time at the beach.
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