Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New painting Crayola Water Color paints, Signo white pen, Sharpie, Montana marker and Fabercastelle Pitt pens, and Blair fixative, a low smell spray.

Always Tracy Weinzapfel has some great shows.  On Monday night is her normal free class that shows great painting techniques.  Friendly people and a great group to work with during the live chat.

Here is my results of the class.  A fixative really brings the color out in the painting.  Plus it protects the painting.  The Sayings on the painting - One is "Live from the heart of yourself, Seek to be whole, Not Perfect." -- by Oprah Winfrey   I left out Not Perfect, because I just didn't want to use that part of the saying.  :D  And the 2nd  Saying is my own.
"Believe in yourself, because you can." by Mary Kay Lyons-McDonnell.

Painting is such a relaxing and rejuvenating hobby. I love it.  And if you really look at it, it looks like the yellow flower is kissing the heart. I just love being able to add positive words to my work. LOL

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