Monday, August 18, 2014

My Scrap book I made from Envelopes

I got up early one morning at 4:30 am could not sleep so I got up and started creating.

Trip to Spokane August 1

The First Weekend of August we drove to Spokane, because Joseph, Trinity and Lucas Lost their MOM.  We brought three Teddy Bears with us so that they could have something to hold onto when they were missing their Mom.

We drove August 1st after Dan got off work to Ellensburg.

We stayed at a Hotel in Ellensburg.

When we arrived, They were still having the Twin's birthday party.  So we met at the Park.
This is Dyllin Spraying herself with cold water.


Dyllin making funny faces.

The PiƱata and Cupcakes

Stephanies Mom and Grandma.





Gift Opening Time.

Joseph Playing Soccer

Trinity and Lucas Blowing out the candles

A Little Ice Cream for Lucas.

Went to Mt Rainier with Carol

Carol and I had some fun at the Mountain.