Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ok I received my Mystery box! Two Krylon shortcut craft paints Red Pepper Red and Turquoise Blue, a wooden box, two cloth napkins, some wooden buttons, and some burlap.  I was asked to create with my imagination. Here's my creation:

This is a file box for my mini scrapbooks.  I love the ocean so I painted calming waves.

Taking the Red paint I painted the buttons, I used the napkin to make the white button flower on the front and back, and the burlap to make a flower.  I added a little burlap to the front.  I created the wave affect by using wavey tape and painted waves blue.  Turned out perfect!! :D #Krylon, #Shortcuts, #Walnut Hollow

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Artists Position Instructor for Grumbacher Acrylic paints at Michaels.

I am so excited. 

I will be instructing Grumbacher Acrylic painting classes at Michaels. 

Registration fee is $25.00 and the Student Kit is $49.99 and you can use your coupons to discount the kit. 

The Kit includes 2 canvases, 2 brushes, Acrylic paint, and a pallet knife. 

I know you all that live in Tacoma, Washington are interested, I mean who wouldn't want to meet new people, aspire to paint great landscapes, floral and animals and humans...   Students Must go to the 38th and Pine store in Tacoma, WA for registration and kit.  

Go in and sign up for beginner paint classes, and those of you who know how to paint it's always nice to have a refresher and meet new people.  Go get yours now!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scrapbooks I Created with pockets.

This is a journal I did for an exchange, it's all ready to be mailed.

 This is a picture page

 This page has a pocket so you can journal.
 And on this other pull out you can add another picture or journal.
 Another picture place.
 Positive saying pocket.
 Journaling Pocket.
 Positive saying page
 Journaling location
 Pocket for journaling and a place for a picture and fun stuff int he pocket.
 Positive saying tab.

 Journal Tab.
 Washi tape reusable and some tags.
 The end. you can add a picture if you like.

Picture of us At the Bazaar

Went to a bazaar this weekend to sell my paintings, but none sold.  A little boy was interested in one but thought it was .25 cents not $25... lol oh well.  Hope everyone is getting their shopping started for Christmas.

Monday, November 10, 2014

This past weekend I wanted to paint so I did.

This was created from a Picture I took of flowers in my front yard.. Crocuses that come up every September.  The picture I printed was in poor quality so I didn't get the same colors... but That's art.  right.  I did pretty good though, I think.  I might pic at it one more... maybe.