Thursday, June 11, 2015

In The Memory of My Beloved Bird, Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell, i.e. Baby Bird, Birdy Bird, The Pill,  Good Bird...

We loved her, she was the delight of our days with her kisses and her laughter and the things that she would say.  She did her best to eat all her fruit and never ever did she toot.  She whistled and squawked, but now very loud, for this I was almost happy and pretty much proud.    We were just getting used to her and she to us and now she's gone to the heavens above.  She will be missed, but she taught us a lot.  Now I get up early in the morning which before, the case was not. I watch her spirit, the yellow butterfly, as it flies off into the wind, knowing that one day, I will see her again.