Thursday, July 19, 2018

Rubber Stamping post!

Hmm I guess its been that long.  I have to take more pictures of what I do.  The above set is a stamp set that's for sale.  The bottom one is a painty page completed by prompts.  I watched the ART BAR with Denina.  You should check it out on YouTube.  Check out my YouTube channel too.  I have some video's up.   I haven't gone live.  Some day, when I figure out how to chat too.!! lol

The end of June 2018

Packing my Lil' car for a camping trip with my husband 
and Church at Rainbow Falls, Chahalis, WA.  

We arrived about 6:30 or 7:00 pm.  Pastor Phil showed us to our camp sight and we began to set up camp.  It was a cute little spot and close to the bathrooms.   I had a hard time remembering just how to set up the tent.  But Pastor Phil, RT, Tom, and Pastor Kenny were very helpful.  And we had the tent together in no time!!

Dan and I all set for camping.
The first night after we got set up, we went over to the fire and chatted with everyone.  Dan was sitting in one of our chairs and he went to get up out of it and it broke.  We figured out quickly, that these chairs were made for smaller kids. LOL

Our tent all put together.
The next morning.

The first Morning I woke up to Crows, Birds and they were louder than my phone alarm, which is Birds and Crows going wild too.  I could tell the crows were flying from one tree to another over our heads in the group camp area.  And even the little tiny birds were louder than normal.

I was up Early about 4:30am. The sun was just rising as well.  I had to use the restroom.  So I thought I'm not going back to bed.  God said get up and I did. So I started breakfast.  I had brought a whole slab of bacon.  I started cooking that first.  Then the potatoes and onions.  Then Dan woke up.  So I added Eggs. We had a feast.

Our Tent and its surroundings

Phone booth

That afternoon, we decided to go for a walk down to the river.  On the way there was a phone booth.  Probably for Bigfoot to call his family.  lol
Such beautiful powerful falls
There's RT! Kind of Elusive behind the leaves.

We could see the river through the trees.  So beautiful!
Parts of the falls.  I loved it, but I couldn't get much closer.  I had injured my leg and have been unable to do too much.
So beautiful!!
Dan and I, the river behind us.

On our way back to the tent we passed the Ranger's cabin.  It looked so perfect right there in the forest.  A great day at the camp ground.  Now we are tired, we were up several times in the night and sleeping on a mattress was better then sleeping on the ground, but way different from sleeping in our beds. lol

Pastor had planned a hike for the day.  Dan and I were tuckered out from the night before.  We opted out of the day hike.  I made us leftovers for lunch.

 Since everyone was on the hike, we decided to go over to the fire and make ourselves some s'mores,  a few coals were burning so we stoked it up and got the fire going and cooked us some s'mores, and they were yummy.  My friend Lori gifted me with some licorice and Dan left me with one piece, how nice of him to share.  I guess God was watching out for my teeth.  I just got my cap replaced before we went camping.  Thank you God.

Dan was napping, and I saw that the hikers had returned, and they were headed toward the ball field for a softball game.  I woke Dan and we headed over with drinks and some snacks.

Jenny and RT's Daughters also watched with their dogs!! Beautiful!

The softball was very cool.  The rules were lax, letting the younger players bat until they could hit the ball and only counting the runs.  There were two teams.  Everybody won!!

Home plate to the right.

After the ball game we all went back to the fire and sat for a while and chatted.  Dan and I got most of the gear loaded up in the car since we would be leaving after breakfast on Sunday. Then we headed to bed.  I was having a hard time falling asleep. At about 11:30pm I heard to a Barred Owl hooting in the night.  I felt at peace, and slept the rest of the night.  

Tom & Pastor Phil Preparing Eggs and pancakes.

Sunday morning, I woke up at 7:30am, three hours later then yesterday.  Yay!!

The men were making breakfast for us.  We contributed our watermelon.

It worked out great.  We had the works.

After breakfast we had services and then we took a group photo.

Calvary Baptist 
All who went camping Rainbow Falls State Park 

A wonderful weekend camping trip!!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Positive thinking and Job Hunting

Job hunting is like doing the dishes.  I don't like doing the dishes, but they have to be done.

I'm reading a book by Louse Hay and Cheryl Richardson, called "You Can Create An Exceptional Life".  It has a lot of affirmations in it.

I'm trying to get my head wrapped around positively looking for work and getting a good job that supports me any my family.

Saying affirmations helps.

Some of the few that I've written down are:

1.  "I'm thankful only good is before me."

It did say "Only Good Lies before me."  But I kept thinking, are there a good lies, and why would I want to tell lies.  So I changed it to "I'm thankful only good is before me."  That helps me better.

Here's number two.

2.  "My body is healthy and free from illness."

I've always said just, "I'm so thankful I'm healthy." This keeps me from a lot of sickness that everyone else has.  And you know, if you get up in the morning and Say, "I feel wonderful today and full of energy."  You will feel that way.

At night, just before I'm going to sleep, I say, "I'm so thankful when my alarm goes off, I will feel refreshed and ready to go for  the day."

And sometimes, if I want to get up early in the morning I say, "I need to wake up at 6:00 am," and "I will feel refreshed and ready to go for  the day."  And do you know, I do wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

The third affirmation I wrote down is a really good one.

3.  "There is an unlimited supply of prosperity for my family and me."

We should all be saying this, but I'm going to add "I'm thankful." in front of all my affirmations, because it is so powerful.

I hope everyone finds this insightful and enjoys my positive thoughts as I go on my Job hunt.  Take care and God Bless and keep acting every day.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Adding a little Spice to life.

 Valentines - playing cards changed up.

Trading cards

Fun Retreats

Cabbage flower

My Camila plant first bloom SPRING!?

Friday, January 26, 2018

Going Forward - What Am I Doing?

Going forward with life is sometimes not an easy task.  I to 13 years out of my life working for a big company only to be fired after giving my all.  I miss my friends and company family there.  A lot of them are still my friends.

Finding that new job has been a challenge.  

First I wanted to start my own business teaching people how they could relax by doing art.  Sounds like a great concept.  So I enrolled in business school, paid a mentor to teach me set up and ways to go about setting up this business.  Then she lost her funding.  And left me with a blank slate.  I didn't comprehend any of the teachings that I needed for the business.  The Taxes...  That was my road block.

So what next?  Try a different avenue.  I was able to gain some Artist Certificates through Grumbacher and began teach young kids Art.  It was fun, but the classes were few and far between.  Not enough to make a living.

Back to the Job search. I found a position doing data entry.  What a break and I really like the people at this position.  After a year and half, I was bumped from my position.  And I loved that job too!!

Ok, so my title says going forward.  All that is in the past right?!!!  

Going forward.  I love YouTube, and Instagram.   I love doing mini videos of myself and my Art.  I haven't figured out the total YouTube thing, but Instagram is working good.

I still want to be around people, and I do need a full time job right now.

I have to switch gears and realize that Art is my life, and I need to get back to my Career, which is Secretarial.   But they don't cal it that anymore.  It's Administrative Assistant or Office help... What is up with that?  And my degree AA in WordProcessing.  That isn't even a part of the workforce vocabulary anymore.

But part of Word Processing is typing, and communication and office functions.  So they still hire us
"Secretaries" just under a different name.

Oh and did you know, we no longer send our cover letters and resumes by mail.  It's all done with email and texting.  If that isn't crazy.  Some employers won't even look at your resume if you send it as an attachment.  So where does that leave me.  I have to visit the unemployment office, though its not called that anymore.  And there is still networking.

Wish me luck... I'm on my way out the door to get milk.  Maybe I'll find a job on the way.  Have a wonderful day and God Bless!!

Do Art its relaxing.  Oh and my other favorite thing right now is Honey bees.  I'm thinking of getting some honey.  Maybe I'll do this daily so I will get out of bed early in the morning.  Bye.  Check out goldengirlmk on Instagram.

Other events and Mr Marx.

Mr Marx is a new addition to the family.  Well not so new any more.  He's about a year and half and as persnickety as ever.  But so cute!!

This is my Grand-daughter and I at the puyallup fair.

 Such a sweet little one.

 Love Chickens.