Thursday, January 30, 2014



Lace on the bottom, foam with bling hearts on the top and ribbon with hearts and pink ribbon and a sticker hart for the badge of Love and the Princess head to put it on. :D

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 5 of organization

I got really board with shredding paper and kind of stopped.   I'm getting overwhelmed with all that I need to do.  I did clean in front of my piano, so there would be a little more room in my living-room, but now I need to organize my craft area by my computer.  rolling my eyes.  Time for bed

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 4 cleaning and organizing scrap/stamp room

I tell you, I went up into the room and shredded shredded shredded.    Here is the shredded bucket full.

 I'm putting in my compost hole.  There is this hole in my backyard, kinda like a sink hole.   A few years ago my neighbor found it by standing on my lawn and slipped into the hole up to his knee.  I put a board over it and have been filling it up with rocks, leaves and composting stuff.  So it works well for my composting.  :D

So anyways back to my room.  I did my shredding on Saturday and have been lazy ever since... actually not really lazy, went car shopping on Sunday, went  to Michael's on Monday bought a organization  tool  for my stickers and blingy stuff.   Tuesday flew by Wednesday stayed in bed till 3pm and today got up for coffee and to blog and get back to my Scrap/stamp room to organize.

These are my pictures from saturday.

Pictures 1 and 2 are the stuff I need to shred and picture 3 is, as you can see, already shredded.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My organization Day 3

So today, I had my business class at 1pm and homework to do before.  And afterwards, I had a meeting so instead of organizing my room, I worked on my computer and caught up on the organization sight.  But to be honest I did not organize today.  Well I did a little in the kitchen, because I have a mouse so I was trying to clean up some of the nesting it was trying to make. Argh another room to tackle.  So now it is late, I have a boatload of dishes to do in the morning.  and I feel like that guy in the story who never did his dishes and he had to set them outside for the rain to wash them.  (it was a story I read as a kid).  lol  I just need to organize my whole house not just my craft room!!! it's Crazy.. ARG.  So ladies good luck with your organizations today!! Cya Tomorrow.  Where I'll try to get my hour  of organizing my craft room.  (15 min increments) That seems to work best with breaks in between. otherwise I get side tracked.  OK time for bed I'm rambling.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 Taking progress Pictures.

Ok to me I see progress.  1. I can see the floor, and 2. I have a little desk space.
So I went up to take some pictures from the work of last night and ended up cleaning for another 15 minutes.  Wooo Hoo.  see there's the floor....  those boxes to the right bottom one is recycling the other is giveaway or donate.

Now on this 2nd picture you will see a lot of baskets which I need to find a place for these things.  I have to purge a lot. 

I did get a new labeler for christmas so I will be putting that to use. That way I'll know where to find the stuff I'm putting away.  :D

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

so I went up to my stamp/scrapbook room to clean

Well I went up at 9:24 and cleaned a few more things organizing and throwing out the garbage and while I was straitening up the desk..  I ran across a die cut that everyone would get a great laugh out of... luckily I found this just before I stopped at 10:15p  so I got my whole hour in but here is the Die Cut.


My accomplishments for the day.

at 3:53 I went upstairs and cleaned the floor of paper and emptied a box and refilled it. shuffled stuff around and then went downstairs for my 10 min break at 4:05 which I'm still on. .... Ok its 9:23pm?? What?? hey where did the time go.. I could have accomplished so much more.  I'm going now.. to do another 15 minutes of cleaning organizing.  bye.