Saturday, January 4, 2014

My organization Day 3

So today, I had my business class at 1pm and homework to do before.  And afterwards, I had a meeting so instead of organizing my room, I worked on my computer and caught up on the organization sight.  But to be honest I did not organize today.  Well I did a little in the kitchen, because I have a mouse so I was trying to clean up some of the nesting it was trying to make. Argh another room to tackle.  So now it is late, I have a boatload of dishes to do in the morning.  and I feel like that guy in the story who never did his dishes and he had to set them outside for the rain to wash them.  (it was a story I read as a kid).  lol  I just need to organize my whole house not just my craft room!!! it's Crazy.. ARG.  So ladies good luck with your organizations today!! Cya Tomorrow.  Where I'll try to get my hour  of organizing my craft room.  (15 min increments) That seems to work best with breaks in between. otherwise I get side tracked.  OK time for bed I'm rambling.
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