Friday, May 23, 2014

Behind on my blogging.... Been cleaning and purging my house.

Talk about Lists upon lists to make and complete. And the time to complete them just flies by.

My list for today is a carry over from Wednesday May 21,  2014.

I have been making my lists and marking stuff off.  but it still seems my house is a total wreck.  I have to get off this computer so that I can get stuff completed.  So I will give you some after shots of my work.

One of the things on my list of things to do each day is to pray for strength to get through the things I need to do.  So for a moment I stopped blogging, because I realized i had not prayed today.

I have a few things I read each morning.  I have a daily prayer book and a special sayings book.for encouragement.

Today's says

Leadership is about stewardship.  It's about understanding that each item on our to-do list is a part of a goal, a vision.  Even when it's not fun.  Or seemingly important. Or glamorous, rewarding, gratifying.  And it's about doing those things as well, because the bigger picture is more important then the tedium the boredom, the sweat, the tears.

By Mary Carver, Giving up on perfect.

Well cya I'm back to the grind and getting it done.  Some before pictures.
Here's looking into my living room.

Groceries right in the middle.  I will quickly clean this up and take an after shot.  Ya right what was I thinking. There's more to this then this picture.  But I will give you an after picture - my goal is today. :D

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