Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September and the State Fair is here!!

Our State fair.

 This lady had a Bunny she said it was her service bunny so she was able to carry it around the fair.  It was so cute.  And what a personality.

 Annette and I were at the fair together She loved the big man 12 carving and had to imitate it.

 This Lady works at Verizon and saw me taking a picture of Annette and had to take advantage of a photo op.  She was with a co-worker, that used to work at Comcast with me.
 So I took a picture of both of them.  We met them earlier when they tried to steel my order of food at the Cowgirl Saloon.   :D  They were so fun.
 The sky is overcast so the lights on the rides were coming on early.
 This is my favorite ride of the fair.  I haven't been able to ride it yet.
 Annette and I at the fair. Our selfie.

 Another Sea Hawks player Annette likes.  She's a Fan!!
 The Sea Shore Christmas Tree won big awards at the fair.
 The cute Sand dollars creatively made.

 Cute card entered at the fair.
This is Don, He is a Stamper makes beautiful explosion cards.  He was explaining how he expanded on each of his cards Making them explode even better then the first one.  He gave me a trading card he made.  I put it in a Scrapbook I made.  I was demonstrating Scrapbooking.

 Me Eating my favorite Ice cream at the fair.