Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Use up the stuff you have.

This is what you do, take a zip lock bag or a shoe box and put a bunch of old stuff in it and store it in a different place from your crafts, like the canned food closet or broom closet or something. Then when you go to that closet later on after you forgot about the stuff - It's like Christmas finding it.  grin emoticon

Or you can make a special store room, like when you feel like going to the store to buy more stuff, go to that room and look first, it will be like you went to the store, but free!!

I actually put mine in shoe boxes and containers that have separate spaces in them.  Then when I want to go to the store and buy more stuff, I go through them first and its awesome.  Saves gas and money because I have so much.

The first container has stickers, dominos, post cards, papers, stickers, and napkins.

 The 2nd container has sacks, cardboard book makings, tags and some stickers.

 3rd container has stickers, stamps, folders and other fun stuff.

 This 4th one is really cool bells, wood pieces buttons, flowers, bows and such..

The 5th one is full of different bells wood pieces buttons and charms...

The 6th one is full of roses, tiny seed packets, tiny spools, ribbon, bunny tails and black glue.

Mine is upstairs so it is really Hot up there the #7 one has buttons all different holidays so cool, I just have to get a shank cutter so I can use them.

 #8 has charms and spools and wire and wood chip stuff.  Wow! can't wait until it cools down so I can explore more of the goodies up there.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Oh I am really into something new with crafting.

I found this really cool Pocket Letter idea from one of the groups that I attend "Mixing it up everyday".  It was originally created by Janette Lane.  Check out her Youtube video's they are awesome!  She even has a Facebook group you can join to swap with other people who enjoy sending and receiving Pocket Letters.  They also have challenges too.!!  Here are a few that I have created and have sent out.