Thursday, October 16, 2014

Front of Journal page has a new look

Ok So I have this group I'm apart of on Facebook called Live, Love, Art Journal, and Happy Mail.  And some of them sent me some Happy Mail, and some background papers (this was a challenge I was apart of and on the happy mail too.  You take the happy mail you get and create something with it so I used both challenges to make the front of my journal page.  I'm like, I have to cover this Journal and make it look really cool.  So I cut some pieces of the envelopes they sent the stuff in, and these envelopes are decorated so cool, then I Oh and then i typed the words on my computer and printed them out and found some cool stuff in a magazine to motivate me.  Here's what I came up with.

Here is "My Better Self Journal"...

Oh and I used washi tape too.  It turned out so cute... I may have to add a little more distressing to the edges of the paper, but I like it.  what do you think? 

 I've already started writing in the Journal.  I have to get my days in... but walking... I think that went out the window today.  But I did garden, which is considered exercise.  and I did take out the recycling. and did some dishes.  Well bettering myself isn't only about losing that 100 pounds of tire around my waist, its about being more positive and making my environment more positive.  I think I cleaned out all the mice out of  my house.  I don't see them running across the floor at night anymore or they don't wake me up in the middle of the night with their squealing.  And I can even go in my craft room and find that everything is still in place not knocked over.... :D

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